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Stock Quote & Chart

Symbol SBR.TO Day Low $0.22
Last $0.22 Day High $0.22
Volume 3520 Year Low $0.12
Change 0.00 Year High $0.32
Market Capitalization 147516384 Time Stamp October 19, 2018 - 1:43 pm EDT

Company Name Silver Bear Resources Plc.

Listing/Symbol Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX): SBR
Fiscal Year December 31
Executive Officers Graham Hill, CEO
Vadim Ilchuk, CFO
Judy Webster, Corporate Secretary
Auditors PwC LLP
Legal Counsel (Canada) Stikeman Elliott LLP

Share Structure (as at September 26, 2017)

Shares Issued / Outstanding: 668,047,513
Options (avg. strike C$0.37) 8,578,666
Warrants (avg. strike C$0.33) 0
Fully Diluted 676,626,179


For inquiries relating to shares, share certificates, address changes and general shareholding inquires please contact:

Computershare Investor Services
100 University Avenue
9th Floor, North Tower
Toronto, Ontario
Canada,M5J 2Y1
Tel: 514-982-7555, 1-800-564-6253

For inquiries relating to Silver Bear’s exploration and development activities, please contact:

Judy Webster
Investor Relations Manager & Corporate Secretary
4 Borough High Street
Tel: 416-453-8818